Best Pianist/Keyboardist 2005 at Hollywood's Musicians Institute, Alberto joined productions in the progressive rock scene (Derek Sherinian, Planet X, TJ Helmerich) right after graduation, worked as an assistant in sessions at the iconic Cello Studios, prepped music for some of the best musicians in the LA jazz scene and even landed a gig with pop star Joss Stone.

After honors on jazz piano performance with Berklee College of Music, Alberto opened Fuseroom Recording Studio in 2007 as a place to teach, produce and work on his music.

In the years, Alberto has worked for artists and bands like Roger Burn (Chaka Khan, The Mask, Saturday Night Live), Shapes, David White (Mad Max: Fury Road), Anna Oxa, Marco Masini, Derek Sherinian, Planet X, Garsed/Helmerich, Morgan Heritage and more, while also working with leading brands in the gaming industry such as Riot Games (League of Legends), Bohemia Interactive (Arma), Blizzard Entertainment (Overwatch) and aviation technology giants such as Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways.

Alberto also works as a product specialist for audio hardware manufacturers like Dangerous Music, Universal Audio, Wholegrain Software, Lauten Audio, and Focal, while being one of the brilliant minds behind the success of pureMix Audio Tutorials, since 2013.

Since 2019, Alberto has mainly focused on composing for video games and film, with two solo records coming out in 2021 (Future in the Past) and 2022 (The Outskirts), showcasing his signature style for music that fits sci-fi, cyberpunk post-apocalyptic and dystopian genres, blending post-rock with orchestral, world music, fast-paced electronica, and breakbeat, ranging from epic cinematic to atmospheric ambient.

His work has been licensed to Audi, Fox Sports, Ubisoft, and Netflix.

The Outskirts

The Outskirts

In a futuristic world, the key to human survival is lost, somewhere within the outskirts of a huge city. A team of five high-profile operatives is tasked to find and retrieve it. During their journey, they travel to five iconic and atmospheric landmarks, depicted by the five songs.

In the middle of the album lies the objective of your mission.

Available in all major digital stores Spotify Apple Music Amazon Tidal Deezer Bandcamp

The Bandcamp version of the EP comes with an exclusive "Backstory & Commentary", about the video game and soundtrack concept. Check it out!

Future in the Past

Future in the Past

My latest work is a sci-fi, cyberpunk and dystopian original soundtrack in which digital elements of electronic music meet organic, real-life acoustic ethnic instruments from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, along side the power of bit-crushed and mangled string and brass sections.

Journey with me through distant dark cities, spaceports, overcrowded market areas, underground tunnels and more.

Available in all major digital stores Spotify Apple Music Amazon Tidal Deezer Bandcamp

Future in the Past - Limited Run Floppy Disk EditionThis album is also available in a limited run of floppy disks, usually no more than 10 per song. These floppies will not be re-printed once sold out and they are unique. Compatible with MS-DOS, Windows and Commodore Amiga computers.

All revenues from this project are going to support my free music education programs in real-life and online, helping younger and older people who are at a disadvantage to learn music and become proficient artists and composers, because everyone has the right to create, craft and express themselves through art.

Scoring for Picture

I run a channel in which I regularly stream free music production master classes. I teach songwriting, composing, synthesis, digital music, video scoring for movies/film and video games, sound design and more.


Sounds from "The Outskirts"

A collection of sounds I've designed is now available, exclusively for the amazing Martinic AX73 synthesizer. It contains over 20 sounds featured and inspired from my latest album "The Outskirts", with strong brush strokes that range from sci-fi, cyberpunk and post rock to breakbeat, atmospheric ambient and industrial electronica.

From Idea to Song

"Building a Song from an Idea" is a 110-minute video course that covers the process and workflow that I go through, when creating a new song and approaching a new project.

"We are Makers" Interview

I had a nice chat about the music industry, its current state, my work as a composer and much more! Sit back, relax and enjoy the talk.

Support me

Become a Patron for as much as $9/month and study with me on topics of music production, recording, mixing, mastering, composing and songwriting, scoring for video, synthesis and much more (with a private Discord server, too). This is a great way to support my music education programs and allow me to make even more free content in the years to come!


My first gigs

I have fond memories of these three: they are the scoring works that got me into the career I have today. Sometimes I go back to them and take a look at the drive and energy I had, as my young self.. 22-23 years old. Good times! I decided to put them here as a sort of homage to the people who watched them and saw something in me. I am thankful to you for having allowed me to be who I am today!


DIVA - 2018, Best Original Soundtrack Nomination, LA Film Festival
Marcos Baiano - Green Lights
Sunday Mayhem - Sunday Mayhem
Sway - Vacation
The Midnight Shower - Step in the Light
Anna Oxa - Ho un Sogno
Alberto Rizzo Schettino - Feelings Unnoticed
Camera Obscura - Fortunate Fall
Marco Masini - Il Mio Cammino
Alberto Rizzo Schettino - Touch
720AM - Prêt-à-porter
Alberto Rizzo Schettino - Future in the Past
Iokokanoa - Fire
The Sgt. Cane Project - She's Leaving Home
Chiny Logan - Killing Me Softly
Chaos Venture - Out
VES - Sogni e Verità
Alberto Rizzo Schettino - Uneucyldean Expressions
720AM - 720AM
Phaze Control - Faith
AFM - Wintersun
The Time Agent (Original Soundtrack) - 2017, Korean Film Festival Winner
Alessandro Paganelli - SUM
Marcos Baiano - Green Lights
Alberto Rizzo Schettino - Play Time
Alberto Rizzo Schettino - Rock Fusion
Marcos Baiano - Green Lights
Alessandro Paganelli - Drifting
Dead Nature
Gucci - Summer of Love
Andrew Mangan - Plugged In
Bliss - 2016, Edinburgh Movie Festival Winner
CBS - CSI New York
Apple iPod 2004 Commercial
The Midnight Shower - Late Riser
Reptile World Order - Annexation
Dreamweb Remastered (Original Soundtrack)
Alessandro Paganelli - Nebula
RIOT Games - League of Legends

Contact Me

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Studio Work


I work as a recording and mixing engineer at my very own Fuseroom in Berlin. I've worked long enough as a studio assistant to know my way around most analog and digital mayhems, in any teamwork-based environment. I run on moderate amounts of coffee and require little to no maintenance.

Music Teaching


I teach piano and keyboards to unfortunate yet audacious souls, with an emphasis on acoustic piano, vintage keyboards and synthesisers. I am always available to venture deep in technique, harmony and theory, ear training, styles, transcriptions and sound design. Being an all-time geek for playing piano and keyboards, I never stop exploring and having fun in my own musical journey. I tend to transfer this approach to my students, no matter their age and level.



I love to be in front of an audience and talk about gear, music, recording and anything in-between. In the past years I've hosted and presented a number of events either at my place, in famous recording studios, at the NAMM and the Messe. As an independent professional and not a salesman, I don't sound as a solicitor and tend to create events that, even when related to a specific brand of product launch, maintain a broad type of educational approach for my audience.

Gear Specialist


I am a product specialist for some of the best brands in the professional audio industry. I love to demonstrate these products at events, trade fairs and workshops as well as online. Keyboards, synthesizers, studio equipment and software plug-ins, there's great products out there that can fuel your creativity and become the right tools for your project.



Since 2013 I am part of for content editing, post production and localisation. Puremix is hands-down the best web site to learn about music production and audio engineering, straight from the pros. With famous engineers like Fab Dupont, Chris Lord Alge, Mike Needham, Andrew Scheps, Vance Powell, Greg Wells, Ryan West and many others, this place features both free and premium video content, a members-only forum where you can reach the pros directly and a wealth of educational material, on point and aimed at making you a better professional.



Studio sessions or live gigs, I can't wait to play with others and take part in a production. I've done gigs for local rock bands, playing mostly vintage keys, I've joined jam bands for wicked acid-jazz sounds, I've written piano tracks for R'n'B and pop artists, prepped lots of charts for string and horn sections and I love how every project has enriched me and kept my mind open, in the past fifteen-or-so years.